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Zigo Leader Carrier Bike, Stroller Bike, Bakfiets
Zigo Leader X2 Carrier Bicycle
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Our Price: $1,625.00

Zigo Leader X2 Carrier Bicycle - The first mom- or dad- powered family transportation system.  Place one or two children in the ChildPod, put on a helmet, and you're ready to ride.  The LeaderLink System allows the Leader to uncouple in 30 seconds or less, transforming it into the separate elements, Zigo ChildPod and Zigo Cycle.

ChildPod available in Green, Orange, Blue (navy), or Klein Blue.  Cycle available in 7-speed only.

Leader X2 differs from the X1 in carrying capacity.  The X2 is able to carry up to two children, while the X1 is limited to one.  We call the X2 "the Zigo SUV" and the X1 "the Zigo Sedan."
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